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  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Genre: Video Players & Editors
  • Version: Release
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Official information

Release Date September 2012
Developer Google LLC
Publisher Google Inc.
Genre Video Players & Editors
Language All
System Android, iOS
Version Release


YouTube: The Biggest Entertaining Platform Only Several Clicks Away

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world that attracts millions of viewers and content creators to it every single day. The easy access to the entire world of entertainment is achieved thanks to the web version and applications, which can be installed on Android and iOS devices. In this YouTube review, we will take a look at the application and its important features.

Minimalistic and effective – excellent design of the YouTube app

It’s only natural that the official YouTube app is similar in its design to the website. The application features a minimalistic gray, white, and red card-based theme similar to that of other mobile applications created by Google. When you open the app, the main focus is on the thumbnails of the videos and other elements are made to look less distracting.

The application is definitely polished, smooth, and its design is undoubtedly appropriate for its purposes – watching, searching for, and uploading video content.

Using YouTube app – pleasant experience all around

The interface of the application is extremely intuitive, which makes it possible to use straight away without having to figure out how it works.

The lower bar of the app features five tabs, such as Main, Trending, Subscriptions, Messages, and Library. In the Main tab, users can see the videos recommended to them based on what they tend to watch on YouTube. The Trending tab shows the most popular videos on YouTube at that particular moment so you can stay up-to-date on what is relevant. The Trending page has different categories for trending videos, such as music, live streams, games, news, and movies.

The Messages tab allows you to view any replies to your comments and you can also start a chat by inviting other users to join in. The Library is the section where you can see your history of views, any videos that you favorited, saved to watch for later, playlists, and purchases.

At the top part of the app, users can find the search bar, the button to download videos directly from the device, and settings to change the information in the Google account. Users of the app can also decide whether they want to see only videos in their subscription feed or they also want to be able to read messages that content creators leave for their subscribers. It is one of those functions that is convenient and readily available in the app, but you have to go to the community tab on the content creator’s channel when using the web version of YouTube. As a result, the application is better if you want to keep up with all the announcements from your favorite YouTubers.

Convenient and straight-to-the-point

When you open any video, the applications offers the standard features available in the web version, such as sharing them on social media, leaving comments, saving, etc. There is the Autoplay function that can be turned on under the video. If the Autoplay function in the YouTube app is enabled in a playlist, the videos will be playing according to their order in that playlist. But, if this function is enabled on a single video, the app will start playing videos from the ones that you can see recommended below. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s something that can be useful for you, but it’s definitely a great feature when you listen to music in playlists.

You can also hit the notification button to be informed when your favorite YouTuber uploads videos, as it’s quite easy to miss out on them, especially if you have a lot of subscriptions. Everything that you do in your application is linked to your account, so you can access all the saved videos and such regardless of what device you use.  

Another great feature of the app is the so-called picture-in-picture. The way it works is that you can shrink a video so that it appears as a small screen in the lower corner of the app. While the video is playing, you can browse through the app or search for other videos without having to close the one that is playing. The feature can be accessed by pressing the back button while the video is playing.

The one thing that could definitely be improved in the app is the ability to listen to the videos when you close the app.

iOS and Android-friendly application

The YouTube download can be done from the Play Store for the Android devices. Those who prefer using iOS devices can install the application from iTunes. The app is optimized for tablets, so you can expect excellent performance when opening it on various devices.



The creators of YouTube have definitely achieved great results with their application. It is a smooth, reliable, and extremely convenient app that is a great representation of the leader among the video-sharing platforms.


  • No way to listen to the videos when the app is closed


  • Convenient navigation and interface
  • Clean minimalistic design
  • Recommendations based on what you usually watch
  • Opportunities to manage your videos and subscriptions
Gameplay controls