About us

Show us, please, the guy who doesn’t know anything about YouTube. Hope, there is no such pal among those you get along with. And if you know someone not knowing and not using YouTube in 2018, what on God’s green Earth is wrong with this fellow? Has he just came from outer space or does he live on a desert island?

YouTube launched more than thirteen years ago to bring you a pleasure of music listening and music video watching. So we have faith that you are using YouTube properly and get the whole joy of the process. Just the same as we do.

Who are we?

We are YouTube devoted fans who once decided to launch a website about our favorite app for our smartphones (which is YouTube, of course).

Malic Brown, Web-Developer, CEO on YouTube Fan Website

I am devoted to YouTube from the age of fifteen (from its very start). When I was a teenager, I could spend there hours to find the video content about my favorite games. Tons of walkthroughs and game video reviews made me a more confident gamer, and an experienced YouTuber as well. Nowadays thanks to the mobile version, I can find any video needed on the go, and that’s amazing.

Erin Sanders, Web-Designer, Designer on YouTube Fan Website

I always loved YouTube for the variety of content it brings. In my college years, YouTube literally became my teacher. I watched hundreds of movies about art and famous painters, design and architecture, and all other forms of art in high quality on this site. Everyone can find content to watch and to learn on YouTube.

Alicia Graham, Content Marketer, Editor on YouTube Fan Website

I love to discover stories of success, they bring me inspiration and motivation to develop professionally. The story of YouTube is precisely the story of success, one of my favorite actually. I’ve read a lot about YouTube trying to satisfy my marketer’s interest. On the other hand, I consider YouTube and its mobile app as the best products for users who want to get high-quality video and music content whenever and wherever they need it.

Why we launched our YouTube Fan Website?

YouTube improves constantly, and we as its devoted users want to keep abreast of every change and update. We also want to inform our readers about the significant YouTube modifications. That is why this site was created. Don’t say thanks, simply enjoy.