How to Start a Youtube Channel Due to the popularity of video blogging, it is understandable for every adult or tech-savvy millennial to be attracted by the thought of making your own Youtube channel. After all, it’s an interactive and fun hobby with the chance to meet new people, become popular, get a reward from companies and earn a considerable amount of money. However, to gain a steady boost in followers or at least publish well-mannered content which gets a good number of likes and views, you will have to do more than just become a contributing member on this video sharing site.  Here are some tips to make sure that you maximize your venture into the world of video blogging and content creation. Plan Your Content Prior to making a Youtube channel, perhaps you have already decided on the sort of video content that you like to show. In order to gain followers and increase your views, make sure your content is engaging and interesting, the more people relate to your content, the more they will want to watch your video until the end. It is also vital to stick to your subject or theme. Like for instance, lots of successful Youtubers have dedicated channels for tutorials, travel, or their everyday living. Viewers like living vicariously in the people they watch, therefore allow your followers to know what they can look forward to and provide interesting content which they can take pleasure in. Right Tools or Equipment to be Youtuber You need the right equipment to be a YouTuber; one of the best equipment is a smartphone. This is an acceptable means to record contents or videos; however, to increase the viewing experience of your viewers, and you need to consider investing in the right equipment. Most successful Youtubers use mirrorless cameras or DSLRs, together with essential accessories for videography like studio lighting, lenses, tripods, etc. For people who normally vlog on-the-go, an action camera or mirrorless cameras and  a monopod are typical gear staples. Keep in mind, though, that a superior vlogging camera isn’t everything. Once to ignore other things like lighting and audio quality, your viewers might still lose attention in your content after the first few seconds and will not subscribe at all. Aside from the camera, you also need to invest in a superior microphone which you can mount on your DSLR. It is essential for your viewers to understand what you are talking about. Look for Inspiration As you progress, it is challenging to come up with a new, fresh video which will go along the hype of your first content. You don’t have to worry because even a well-established YouTubers go through the same thing every now and then. The key here is to search for inspiration in all places—even if you are out and taking a break from recording. Write down your ideas and check out other contents. This will help you in creating an idea that you can call your own. Make Every Second Count It is equally vital that you create superior content and erase anything which you believe might not contribute to making your content better. So, meaning you have to be selective with the video clips you integrate into the final cut. Select only the best shots all through the whole video. Once you have gathered a huge following, you might have more freedom to integrate some of those artsy shots, but always keep in mind to think like a viewer and make what you would like to see. Start with Easy Editing Software Yes, you are creating a video, but it does not mean you need state of the art software to edit the content. This software program doesn’t necessarily boost your content, specifically if you are going to be struggling with it a lot from the very beginning. Optimize Your Content or Videos To make your content more visible, you have to optimize your video to boost its rank on YouTube. The moment you upload your content, make sure it has a good, descriptive and attractive title which viewers tend to write on the search box, and also ensure to integrate the main keyword. Also, you need to ensure to make use of relevant tags which will help put your content under many related categories. Finally, make a good description but make sure it is short, and include the target keywords, synonyms, as well as variations of the long-tail keyword. This helps your viewers know precisely what your content is about. This also helps your content rank higher in search engine results pages. Build Your Network Youtube is about sharing, collaborating and connecting with other users. So, to become successful, you have to make an effort to build your network. This is vital in the Youtube community because collaborations amongst creators have proven efficient in helping your channel thrive and gain new subscribers as it helps collaborators acquire exposure with other subscribers. Keep in touch with other creators, build a connection with them and as much as possible contact larger Youtuber and ask about possible teamwork. It might be intimidating, but there is nothing wrong in trying. Connect with the Viewers In due course, you will gradually gain followers, get more likes and comments. You will also receive messages on your social media accounts. As much as possible, have time to attach with them. Always keep in mind that your social media accounts are the wing of your YouTube channel,  therefore try to share pieces of information about your own social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, as well as Snapchat. It is vital that have time to read and reply to all the comments, tweets and any other messages you receive. Interactions are vital because they help your followers or subscribers know more about you. In addition, it can help you out in fostering a sense of community and camaraderie online amongst your own small community. It is not enough that your subscribers like your video or content—they need to like you. Disregard All the Unconstructive Comments Regardless of how small or big your Youtube channel is, expect that there will always be a negative comment. Youtube is a breeding ground for ruthless individual hiding behind their blank avatar. Regardless of how superb your content is, there will always someone who will make horrible comments and try to bring you down. Don’t let these horrible comments affect, take it as a reminder that you cannot please everybody, and do not forget those who value the things you do. Upload Videos Regularly Another vital to creating a Youtube channel is to upload content consistently. Regardless of how imperfect you think your video is, it is crucial always to make it a point to upload new videos. Some YouTubers publish videos twice a week, and they allow their subscribers to know about this schedule, so they know when to check back. Also, this gives your channel a chance of acquiring a steady stream of views.     Continue Reading How to go live with Youtube app on your gadget Online live streams are gaining more and more popularity among bloggers and celebrities and also ordinary Internet users. Many media giants like Twitter, Instagram and of course YouTube have already taken advantage of this trend. How to create a live stream with the Youtube app from your gadget? Follow our guide to get a detailed instruction! Why do people make live streams on Youtube? Going live can be a good alternative for your audience. If you create content on Youtube platform, you obviously want your followers to stay with you as long as it can be, so live stream can be a useful tool to interact with the audience more. Users also launch live streams because it simply makes fun. Imagine your friend went to the concert you can’t be at and he goes live to bring you to the concert too. Isn’t that cool? Live streams are also often used by gamers. Youtube has even launched the Youtube Gaming service, where you can found thousands of gaming live streams. So, whether you're looking to entertain your audience or you want to create a live stream for personal interest, live streaming is a great way. If you want to try to broadcast yourself live to your followers, here's how to create a live stream from the YouTube app for Android or iPhone. How to live stream on Youtube mobile Youtube live streaming is available for Android version 5.0 and higher. For iOS users, make sure you have iOS 8+. Before you proceed to create a live stream, you need to get your account verified. It can be done simply both on your smartphone browser or laptop browser. Go to Youtube verifying page Enter your phone number Get a verifying code. Once you’ve done that, you can proceed to start a live stream. Make sure you have a reliable network connection before you start a live stream. To go live from your smartphone, follow these steps: Select the video camera button in Youtube app; Select Go Live; Enter a title and add a description; Then customize privacy settings; Enable or disable live chat to permit or deactivate users possibility to comment your live chat; Customize age restriction for your stream; Enable or disable monetization; To share your stream, tap Share button; To end your stream, select Finish then tap OK. An archive of the live stream will be created on your channel once the stream ends. You can edit the privacy setting (make it private) or delete the archive on the "My videos" tab. As you can see, create a live stream from your smartphone is an easy procedure. Earlier, the live streaming feature was available only for channels with a minimum of 100 subscribers. Now it can be done by any channels both with no subscribers and 10 000 subscribers. Create live streams for your fans and do Q&A’s or launch broadcasts to share your adventures with friends!   Continue Reading How to disable restricted mode in Youtube app Youtube restricted mode was developed to protect children and people with vulnerable psyche from explicit content, which may cause some type of harm. The developers are trying to improve this option so that nothing extra is leaked through the filter. But sometimes, the blocked content doesn’t violate the system restrictions and the question is how to turn off the restricted mode on your smartphone. Which content does Youtube block in the restricted mode? As Youtube developers state, safety mode was created to provide users with an option “to choose an intentionally limited YouTube experience.” The video hosting filters content by title, description, tags and constantly analyzes incoming information about violations and errors. Currently, the algorithm uses “community flagging, age-restrictions, and other signals to identify and filter out inappropriate content”. The setting is often used in public places, schools or by parents on laptops or PCs. So, what does restricted mode do? It hides from videos that include: alcohol or drug use; 18+ content; scenes of violence; abuse; provoke/insult a person or a group of people. Viewers who choose to turn Restricted mode on for their personal accounts cannot see comments on such videos too. Restricted mode is highly recommended to be turned on for computers in libraries, schools and other public organizations or on your kids' smartphone or tablet. But the restricted mode can never be perfect. And that’s why apart from its positive sides, there are also some negative points to pay attention for. For example, in the modern society, where youth fights for gender equality, in the restricted mode Youtube can block LGBTQ+ content. There were multiple cases when videos of popular Youtube vloggers and creators were unavailable in the safety mode search. Such errors come off not only with vlogs but with official music videos. This has already happened to the American country-pop diva Taylor Swift and several other celebrities. All these incidents only prove that Youtube’s restricted mode algorithm is broken in some way and sometimes it hides content that doesn’t really break the system rules. But we believe this is the only fly in the ointment. How to disable restricted mode on Android or iOS device This guide works both for Android and iOS gadgets. To turn off the restricted mode on your tablet or smartphone, complete these steps: Open Youtube app in your desktop menu; Log in to your account; Tap on three dots icon; Select Settings; Find General section; Turn Restricted mode off. Remember that restricted mode works separately on the browser or device. It means you have to disable it wherever you log in with your account. If you have issues with restricted mode deactivating, you can contact the system administrator. To report an issue on your mobile device, open the Youtube app and in the account menu scroll to the end of the page and tap Help&Feedback. It’s better to describe your problem in details, so the administrator can do their best to help you.   Continue Reading Best YouTube Tricks and Tips for Android and iOS In a modern day society, YouTube became the new television. And almost the only difference that is left among them is the length of the video. Meanwhile, channels that appear on YouTube almost every other minute, can offer variety of TV shows, educational programs, travel vlogs, beauty vlogs, food channels, tutorials, comedy shows, web series. YouTube opens the world we could not even imagine it existed. And it does not really have analogs. Videos made from people across the world for people. Variety of options strikes our imagination. No wonder, we are trying to get access to this world on every device we use, anywhere we are, whatever we do, whenever we can. The installation process of the app There is nothing easier than the installation of the app on your mobile. It works well with both Android and iOS. But you still need internet on your phone. Many Android phones already have YouTube app inside them. If you are using old version, you can find the app on its official page. It takes a few minutes. Agree on installation and wait until you will be able to see videos on your mobile. Check if the icon of the app is in the direct reach. The same procedure works for iOS. Find an app store, open it, search for YouTube application, press on it. The installation will start and take up to several minutes, depending on your connection speed. You can return to your home screen now and find familiar icon of YouTube app iphone. An easy way to save video you love One of the frequently asked questions among YouTube fans is whether it is possible to save your beloved video? Members of YouTube Red service, pay $10 per month to use this benefit. They are able to save videos or music. Still, there is a one-month free trial that will open you new doors on YouTube. You will be able to save the video with a button Save. This is an extremely rewarding option if you are on the plane, bus, subway, and so on. These videos will be kept in the Profile that you see on your home page after download YouTube app. Another variant is to download an app like NewPipe, which is a player with offline benefits and background options for music. You will not find it in the official Play Store. Download it from F-Droid’s shop. But at first, you need to use apk F-Droid and look for the application NewPipe. You are welcome to try a direct way, and installing NewPipe with the apk help. Open the program. Now choose the program you wanted to download. Select it from the catalog of your YouTube app on android. Now you may see the Download option at the top, while Background will be below. Choose one of them and press the button. Check the video with subtitles You are going to need this option one day, especially when your earbuds somewhere at home and you are in a train surrounded by already angry passengers. You can try your skills in lip-reading or just open subtitles. There are 10 languages you can choose in auto-captions, including the main world languages with the bigger number of speakers. Beware! Captions are not as perfect, mainly because they are generated automatically. Still, you’ll capture the general idea about the main subject. Turn subtitles on by tapping on the 3-dot button of a menu, revealed at the screen, pick the language of captions. Reveal your favorite videos to your friends Did you know that YouTube app iOS and Android has a chat option? You are able to invite one or several friends there. Once they accept your invitation you can talk with them, adding videos of your choice. To try this option, just tap on Share under the video. Choose besties you want to share with, by swiping the list of contacts. Tap on the avatar to send video. Watch Later function It is one of the classic features. And still, a lot of people have no idea how it can possibly be useful. Google is constantly working on improving it. You can receive notifications about the video or it will show up in the feed. Go to section Library, and look for Watch Later. You’ll see that everything is in chronological order. Sort by the newest videos, you chose to watch after by tapping on Add to Playlist option. Improve the quality of video If your internet connection is far from perfect, you still can enjoy YouTube shows. Go to the menu and select Quality name. You can change it to a lower resolution in 360p, for example. It will save you from constant pauses while the video is downloading. Swipe Up to look for favorite videos You don’t have to go back and force of your app, if you are not so into the current channel. You can swipe up and receive scrolling list of recommended videos. Pick the one from the list and start watching. When YouTube was extended to an app, it was like a dream came true. It is not always convenient, with a smaller screen or without headphones. Still, there are few YouTube app tips to make your skills on iOS and Android phones advanced.   Continue Reading YouTube App not working on iPhone or Android? Fix Problems Now YouTube is home for millions of different videos, educational, music, motivational and just entertaining. There are various numbers of possible errors for both iOS and Android. In the list below you may find one of your problems and solution to it. Tips and solutions on YouTube app not working on Android Restart your phone It is the first step which does not need a lot of skills from you when YouTube not working on android. You will be amazed, but restarting your device can actually solve a lot of problems. And there is an easy explanation for this phenomenon. All the apps that are running on the background will be automatically closed. What do you need to do? Press the power button on your phone and choose restart from a menu on your screen. Then wait a few seconds. When mobile starts working again, go to app and check if it works. Check the Internet speed and connection There may be a problem with internet connection and not with the app. If you notice that YouTube is not working, go to the internet connection and check if you still online. You may switch from cellular network to the Wi-Fi and back just to see the difference. How to examine it? Open the browser and type something in a Google search. You will understand quickly if something is wrong with it. The operating system needs an update It is not the easiest thing to do. Still, you have to fix the problem. Just open settings menu on your Android and find “System updates” there. If there are updates that available, download them. Remember that you will have to reboot device. After that, open the app again and check it. Clear cache of YouTube app If you already checked everything from above and YouTube is still not working, go to the cache. This temporary data that is still kept on your phone can bring you a lot of trouble. Get rid of it. Open settings and choose Apps. Select the one you need. Press “Storage” which will reveal two options: clear cache or data. You can do both, but first clear cache and check whether it was helpful. Tips and solutions on YouTube app not working on iPhone So, YouTube app not working on iphone and you don’t know where to begin. You may start with the basics. If you tried everything, show the device to professional. Reset Settings of the Network This is one of the most common reasons why YouTube app stops playing on your iPhone. Turn off the network connection and then turn it back. Try to go to Settings, pick General, pick Reset, and click on Reset Network Settings. Don’t worry, it just cuts settings that were related to this network. Switch off Bluetooth If you have not done it ages ago, you may try this option. Open Control Center on your iPhone and pick Bluetooth. After you will turn it off, you feel the difference in the work. Clear cache of the app or browser To clear Safari, go to settings, where you will find the name of a browser. Pick to clear history and data from websites. It allows you to delete history, clear cookies and cache. For YouTube app, open it on your iPhone, go to the Menu. Tap icon Gear. Under the section Privacy, there will be an option to delete data from the YouTube app. Update the app If YouTube does not work on your phone, it may simply need an update. App and iOS need to work together. So, make sure that app follows all requirements of your system. Update it to the new version if it is available. Using the app is more convenient for many people across the world. This way they can watch favorite channels on their mobiles. Still, from time to time there may appear different problems when app stops working properly, like YouTube won't load. Continue Reading Block Ads on YouTube App for Android mobile There are several methods for blocking advertisements from YouTube application set on Android device. Each of the options has both pros and cons and you have to pick the one that suits your needs. Read the next information and make the decision. With each new day, ads become more and more annoying. Owners of YouTube channels sell the space inside video streams, to earn money. It is understandable. And while they work hard, improving the quality of the picture and content, it is getting hard to follow such channels, barely remembering what the video was about after dozens of ads. The only way is to block YouTube ads android version. Let’s leave the problem of negative effect from watching these ads to those who in charge of them, and focus on getting rid of the ads instead. Apparently, it is not hard at all. You may choose the easiest way to make youtube no ads android apk. Is it really that easy? No, it is not. If you don’t have a key to the original file, and it is not your channel, you can’t cut anything from it. On YouTube’s own app, this mission is impossible. In theory, you can cut advertisements from apps or websites with HTTPS connection, blocking program has to start the MITM hack, replacing originally certificate of security on its own. However, YouTube is one of the applications with 24 API Level and higher, that automatically ban third-parties security certificates. If you will switch certificates, using AdLock program, YouTube will not be working at all. While this is obviously not an option, there is still DNS filter that is almost worthless for our case. But don’t be upset. You may find a few possibilities to watch video through the app without constant interactions. All of them requires something from you, in exchange. Removing advertisements without ad blocker’s help If you prefer to use the app on your Android phone without watching numerous ads, you may want a third-party client. Internet has many variants to choose from. Some of them work as an original app, allowing to sign in your own account. However, there are numerous disadvantages you may want to skip. Pros No ads To block youtube ads android no root is needed For almost all Androids Don’t use an ad blocker Cons You need to remove the official app of YouTube Unreliable source receives the key to your info It can work for years or just a day or less It does not have normal updates The unreliable, unknown person that will get the keys to your account and data is the worst in the list. You need to at least find out some feedback. If you are willing to do that anyway, there is a brief instruction on how to cut the ads. Run to Settings and search for Applications. Choose YouTube and press it. Push on the Clear information in Storage. After that, return to App data and Delete Application. Give permission to unfamiliar guys to install their product. Go to security settings and choose this option. Try to find the most reliable YouTube third-party option. Some of them need to install a supportive app for their work. Do that. Choose “OK” when the warning about “potential harm to the device” will appear. Install the app. Start the new client and read all instructions. After that, your videos will be ads-free. There is still a warning you need to hear again – unknown people who will receive your personal data may be not the best way to get rid of ads. Cut YouTube ads with blocker Previously, we have already told you that AdLock can’t block ads on this app. And still, it can disable them. There is still a way to watch videos through the browser without advertisements using AdLock. YouTube has no problem with working as an app or in the browser. And you may skip ads there. You wouldn’t even need an app to watch videos in Google Chrome. Add an icon of the desktop to YouTube variant in the browser. Enter YouTube in Chrome and choose “Add to Home Screen”. Now you can use browser version of YouTube from the desktop, by tapping on the icon, and have fun with watching videos without advertisements. This is the most reliable option you have for now. No third-parties.   Continue Reading