Best YouTube Tricks and Tips for Android and iOS

Best YouTube Tricks and Tips for Android and iOS

In a modern day society, YouTube became the new television. And almost the only difference that is left among them is the length of the video. Meanwhile, channels that appear on YouTube almost every other minute, can offer variety of TV shows, educational programs, travel vlogs, beauty vlogs, food channels, tutorials, comedy shows, web series. YouTube opens the world we could not even imagine it existed. And it does not really have analogs.

Videos made from people across the world for people. Variety of options strikes our imagination. No wonder, we are trying to get access to this world on every device we use, anywhere we are, whatever we do, whenever we can.

The installation process of the app

There is nothing easier than the installation of the app on your mobile. It works well with both Android and iOS. But you still need internet on your phone.

Many Android phones already have YouTube app inside them. If you are using old version, you can find the app on its official page. It takes a few minutes. Agree on installation and wait until you will be able to see videos on your mobile. Check if the icon of the app is in the direct reach.

The same procedure works for iOS. Find an app store, open it, search for YouTube application, press on it. The installation will start and take up to several minutes, depending on your connection speed. You can return to your home screen now and find familiar icon of YouTube app iphone.

An easy way to save video you love

One of the frequently asked questions among YouTube fans is whether it is possible to save your beloved video? Members of YouTube Red service, pay $10 per month to use this benefit. They are able to save videos or music. Still, there is a one-month free trial that will open you new doors on YouTube.

You will be able to save the video with a button Save. This is an extremely rewarding option if you are on the plane, bus, subway, and so on. These videos will be kept in the Profile that you see on your home page after download YouTube app.

Another variant is to download an app like NewPipe, which is a player with offline benefits and background options for music. You will not find it in the official Play Store. Download it from F-Droid’s shop. But at first, you need to use apk F-Droid and look for the application NewPipe. You are welcome to try a direct way, and installing NewPipe with the apk help.

Open the program. Now choose the program you wanted to download. Select it from the catalog of your YouTube app on android. Now you may see the Download option at the top, while Background will be below. Choose one of them and press the button.

Check the video with subtitles

You are going to need this option one day, especially when your earbuds somewhere at home and you are in a train surrounded by already angry passengers. You can try your skills in lip-reading or just open subtitles. There are 10 languages you can choose in auto-captions, including the main world languages with the bigger number of speakers.

Beware! Captions are not as perfect, mainly because they are generated automatically. Still, you’ll capture the general idea about the main subject. Turn subtitles on by tapping on the 3-dot button of a menu, revealed at the screen, pick the language of captions.

Reveal your favorite videos to your friends

Did you know that YouTube app iOS and Android has a chat option? You are able to invite one or several friends there. Once they accept your invitation you can talk with them, adding videos of your choice. To try this option, just tap on Share under the video. Choose besties you want to share with, by swiping the list of contacts. Tap on the avatar to send video.

Watch Later function

It is one of the classic features. And still, a lot of people have no idea how it can possibly be useful. Google is constantly working on improving it. You can receive notifications about the video or it will show up in the feed.

Go to section Library, and look for Watch Later. You’ll see that everything is in chronological order. Sort by the newest videos, you chose to watch after by tapping on Add to Playlist option.

Improve the quality of video

If your internet connection is far from perfect, you still can enjoy YouTube shows. Go to the menu and select Quality name. You can change it to a lower resolution in 360p, for example. It will save you from constant pauses while the video is downloading.

Swipe Up to look for favorite videos

You don’t have to go back and force of your app, if you are not so into the current channel. You can swipe up and receive scrolling list of recommended videos. Pick the one from the list and start watching.

When YouTube was extended to an app, it was like a dream came true. It is not always convenient, with a smaller screen or without headphones. Still, there are few YouTube app tips to make your skills on iOS and Android phones advanced.