Block Ads on YouTube App for Android mobile

Block Ads on YouTube App for Android mobile

There are several methods for blocking advertisements from YouTube application set on Android device. Each of the options has both pros and cons and you have to pick the one that suits your needs. Read the next information and make the decision.

With each new day, ads become more and more annoying. Owners of YouTube channels sell the space inside video streams, to earn money. It is understandable. And while they work hard, improving the quality of the picture and content, it is getting hard to follow such channels, barely remembering what the video was about after dozens of ads. The only way is to block YouTube ads android version.

Let’s leave the problem of negative effect from watching these ads to those who in charge of them, and focus on getting rid of the ads instead. Apparently, it is not hard at all. You may choose the easiest way to make youtube no ads android apk.

Is it really that easy?

No, it is not. If you don’t have a key to the original file, and it is not your channel, you can’t cut anything from it. On YouTube’s own app, this mission is impossible.

In theory, you can cut advertisements from apps or websites with HTTPS connection, blocking program has to start the MITM hack, replacing originally certificate of security on its own. However, YouTube is one of the applications with 24 API Level and higher, that automatically ban third-parties security certificates. If you will switch certificates, using AdLock program, YouTube will not be working at all.

While this is obviously not an option, there is still DNS filter that is almost worthless for our case. But don’t be upset. You may find a few possibilities to watch video through the app without constant interactions. All of them requires something from you, in exchange.

Removing advertisements without ad blocker’s help

If you prefer to use the app on your Android phone without watching numerous ads, you may want a third-party client. Internet has many variants to choose from. Some of them work as an original app, allowing to sign in your own account. However, there are numerous disadvantages you may want to skip.


  • No ads

  • To block youtube ads android no root is needed

  • For almost all Androids

  • Don’t use an ad blocker


  • You need to remove the official app of YouTube

  • Unreliable source receives the key to your info

  • It can work for years or just a day or less

  • It does not have normal updates

The unreliable, unknown person that will get the keys to your account and data is the worst in the list. You need to at least find out some feedback. If you are willing to do that anyway, there is a brief instruction on how to cut the ads.

  • Run to Settings and search for Applications. Choose YouTube and press it.

  • Push on the Clear information in Storage. After that, return to App data and Delete Application.

  • Give permission to unfamiliar guys to install their product. Go to security settings and choose this option.

  • Try to find the most reliable YouTube third-party option. Some of them need to install a supportive app for their work. Do that.

  • Choose “OK” when the warning about “potential harm to the device” will appear.

  • Install the app.

  • Start the new client and read all instructions.

After that, your videos will be ads-free. There is still a warning you need to hear again – unknown people who will receive your personal data may be not the best way to get rid of ads.

Cut YouTube ads with blocker

Previously, we have already told you that AdLock can’t block ads on this app. And still, it can disable them. There is still a way to watch videos through the browser without advertisements using AdLock.

YouTube has no problem with working as an app or in the browser. And you may skip ads there. You wouldn’t even need an app to watch videos in Google Chrome. Add an icon of the desktop to YouTube variant in the browser. Enter YouTube in Chrome and choose “Add to Home Screen”.

Now you can use browser version of YouTube from the desktop, by tapping on the icon, and have fun with watching videos without advertisements. This is the most reliable option you have for now. No third-parties.