How to disable restricted mode in Youtube app

How to disable restricted mode in Youtube app

Youtube restricted mode was developed to protect children and people with vulnerable psyche from explicit content, which may cause some type of harm. The developers are trying to improve this option so that nothing extra is leaked through the filter. But sometimes, the blocked content doesn’t violate the system restrictions and the question is how to turn off the restricted mode on your smartphone.

Which content does Youtube block in the restricted mode?

As Youtube developers state, safety mode was created to provide users with an option “to choose an intentionally limited YouTube experience.”

The video hosting filters content by title, description, tags and constantly analyzes incoming information about violations and errors. Currently, the algorithm uses “community flagging, age-restrictions, and other signals to identify and filter out inappropriate content”. The setting is often used in public places, schools or by parents on laptops or PCs.

So, what does restricted mode do? It hides from videos that include:

  • alcohol or drug use;

  • 18+ content;

  • scenes of violence;

  • abuse;

  • provoke/insult a person or a group of people.
    Viewers who choose to turn Restricted mode on for their personal accounts cannot see comments on such videos too.

Restricted mode is highly recommended to be turned on for computers in libraries, schools and other public organizations or on your kids' smartphone or tablet.

But the restricted mode can never be perfect. And that’s why apart from its positive sides, there are also some negative points to pay attention for.

For example, in the modern society, where youth fights for gender equality, in the restricted mode Youtube can block LGBTQ+ content. There were multiple cases when videos of popular Youtube vloggers and creators were unavailable in the safety mode search. Such errors come off not only with vlogs but with official music videos. This has already happened to the American country-pop diva Taylor Swift and several other celebrities.

All these incidents only prove that Youtube’s restricted mode algorithm is broken in some way and sometimes it hides content that doesn’t really break the system rules. But we believe this is the only fly in the ointment.

How to disable restricted mode on Android or iOS device

This guide works both for Android and iOS gadgets.

To turn off the restricted mode on your tablet or smartphone, complete these steps:

  1. Open Youtube app in your desktop menu;

  2. Log in to your account;

  3. Tap on three dots icon;

  4. Select Settings;

  5. Find General section;

  6. Turn Restricted mode off.

Remember that restricted mode works separately on the browser or device. It means you have to disable it wherever you log in with your account.

If you have issues with restricted mode deactivating, you can contact the system administrator.

To report an issue on your mobile device, open the Youtube app and in the account menu scroll to the end of the page and tap Help&Feedback. It’s better to describe your problem in details, so the administrator can do their best to help you.