How to Start a Youtube Channel

How to Start a Youtube Channel

Due to the popularity of video blogging, it is understandable for every adult or tech-savvy millennial to be attracted by the thought of making your own Youtube channel. After all, it’s an interactive and fun hobby with the chance to meet new people, become popular, get a reward from companies and earn a considerable amount of money.

However, to gain a steady boost in followers or at least publish well-mannered content which gets a good number of likes and views, you will have to do more than just become a contributing member on this video sharing site.  Here are some tips to make sure that you maximize your venture into the world of video blogging and content creation.

  1. Plan Your Content

Prior to making a Youtube channel, perhaps you have already decided on the sort of video content that you like to show. In order to gain followers and increase your views, make sure your content is engaging and interesting, the more people relate to your content, the more they will want to watch your video until the end.

It is also vital to stick to your subject or theme. Like for instance, lots of successful Youtubers have dedicated channels for tutorials, travel, or their everyday living. Viewers like living vicariously in the people they watch, therefore allow your followers to know what they can look forward to and provide interesting content which they can take pleasure in.

  1. Right Tools or Equipment to be Youtuber

You need the right equipment to be a YouTuber; one of the best equipment is a smartphone. This is an acceptable means to record contents or videos; however, to increase the viewing experience of your viewers, and you need to consider investing in the right equipment. Most successful Youtubers use mirrorless cameras or DSLRs, together with essential accessories for videography like studio lighting, lenses, tripods, etc.

For people who normally vlog on-the-go, an action camera or mirrorless cameras and  a monopod are typical gear staples. Keep in mind, though, that a superior vlogging camera isn’t everything. Once to ignore other things like lighting and audio quality, your viewers might still lose attention in your content after the first few seconds and will not subscribe at all. Aside from the camera, you also need to invest in a superior microphone which you can mount on your DSLR. It is essential for your viewers to understand what you are talking about.

  1. Look for Inspiration

As you progress, it is challenging to come up with a new, fresh video which will go along the hype of your first content. You don’t have to worry because even a well-established YouTubers go through the same thing every now and then.

The key here is to search for inspiration in all places—even if you are out and taking a break from recording. Write down your ideas and check out other contents. This will help you in creating an idea that you can call your own.

  1. Make Every Second Count

It is equally vital that you create superior content and erase anything which you believe might not contribute to making your content better. So, meaning you have to be selective with the video clips you integrate into the final cut. Select only the best shots all through the whole video.

Once you have gathered a huge following, you might have more freedom to integrate some of those artsy shots, but always keep in mind to think like a viewer and make what you would like to see.

  1. Start with Easy Editing Software

Yes, you are creating a video, but it does not mean you need state of the art software to edit the content. This software program doesn’t necessarily boost your content, specifically if you are going to be struggling with it a lot from the very beginning.

  1. Optimize Your Content or Videos

To make your content more visible, you have to optimize your video to boost its rank on YouTube. The moment you upload your content, make sure it has a good, descriptive and attractive title which viewers tend to write on the search box, and also ensure to integrate the main keyword. Also, you need to ensure to make use of relevant tags which will help put your content under many related categories.

Finally, make a good description but make sure it is short, and include the target keywords, synonyms, as well as variations of the long-tail keyword. This helps your viewers know precisely what your content is about. This also helps your content rank higher in search engine results pages.

  1. Build Your Network

Youtube is about sharing, collaborating and connecting with other users. So, to become successful, you have to make an effort to build your network. This is vital in the Youtube community because collaborations amongst creators have proven efficient in helping your channel thrive and gain new subscribers as it helps collaborators acquire exposure with other subscribers.

Keep in touch with other creators, build a connection with them and as much as possible contact larger Youtuber and ask about possible teamwork. It might be intimidating, but there is nothing wrong in trying.

  1. Connect with the Viewers

In due course, you will gradually gain followers, get more likes and comments. You will also receive messages on your social media accounts. As much as possible, have time to attach with them. Always keep in mind that your social media accounts are the wing of your YouTube channel,  therefore try to share pieces of information about your own social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, as well as Snapchat. It is vital that have time to read and reply to all the comments, tweets and any other messages you receive.

Interactions are vital because they help your followers or subscribers know more about you. In addition, it can help you out in fostering a sense of community and camaraderie online amongst your own small community. It is not enough that your subscribers like your video or content—they need to like you.

  1. Disregard All the Unconstructive Comments

Regardless of how small or big your Youtube channel is, expect that there will always be a negative comment. Youtube is a breeding ground for ruthless individual hiding behind their blank avatar. Regardless of how superb your content is, there will always someone who will make horrible comments and try to bring you down. Don’t let these horrible comments affect, take it as a reminder that you cannot please everybody, and do not forget those who value the things you do.

  1. Upload Videos Regularly

Another vital to creating a Youtube channel is to upload content consistently. Regardless of how imperfect you think your video is, it is crucial always to make it a point to upload new videos. Some YouTubers publish videos twice a week, and they allow their subscribers to know about this schedule, so they know when to check back. Also, this gives your channel a chance of acquiring a steady stream of views.