YouTube App not working on iPhone or Android? Fix Problems Now

YouTube App not working on iPhone or Android? Fix Problems Now

YouTube is home for millions of different videos, educational, music, motivational and just entertaining. There are various numbers of possible errors for both iOS and Android. In the list below you may find one of your problems and solution to it.

Tips and solutions on YouTube app not working on Android

Restart your phone

It is the first step which does not need a lot of skills from you when YouTube not working on android. You will be amazed, but restarting your device can actually solve a lot of problems. And there is an easy explanation for this phenomenon. All the apps that are running on the background will be automatically closed.

What do you need to do? Press the power button on your phone and choose restart from a menu on your screen. Then wait a few seconds. When mobile starts working again, go to app and check if it works.

Check the Internet speed and connection

There may be a problem with internet connection and not with the app. If you notice that YouTube is not working, go to the internet connection and check if you still online. You may switch from cellular network to the Wi-Fi and back just to see the difference.

How to examine it? Open the browser and type something in a Google search. You will understand quickly if something is wrong with it.

The operating system needs an update

It is not the easiest thing to do. Still, you have to fix the problem. Just open settings menu on your Android and find “System updates” there. If there are updates that available, download them. Remember that you will have to reboot device. After that, open the app again and check it.

Clear cache of YouTube app

If you already checked everything from above and YouTube is still not working, go to the cache. This temporary data that is still kept on your phone can bring you a lot of trouble. Get rid of it.

Open settings and choose Apps. Select the one you need. Press “Storage” which will reveal two options: clear cache or data. You can do both, but first clear cache and check whether it was helpful.

Tips and solutions on YouTube app not working on iPhone

So, YouTube app not working on iphone and you don’t know where to begin. You may start with the basics. If you tried everything, show the device to professional.

Reset Settings of the Network

This is one of the most common reasons why YouTube app stops playing on your iPhone. Turn off the network connection and then turn it back. Try to go to Settings, pick General, pick Reset, and click on Reset Network Settings. Don’t worry, it just cuts settings that were related to this network.

Switch off Bluetooth

If you have not done it ages ago, you may try this option. Open Control Center on your iPhone and pick Bluetooth. After you will turn it off, you feel the difference in the work.

Clear cache of the app or browser

To clear Safari, go to settings, where you will find the name of a browser. Pick to clear history and data from websites. It allows you to delete history, clear cookies and cache.

For YouTube app, open it on your iPhone, go to the Menu. Tap icon Gear. Under the section Privacy, there will be an option to delete data from the YouTube app.

Update the app

If YouTube does not work on your phone, it may simply need an update. App and iOS need to work together. So, make sure that app follows all requirements of your system. Update it to the new version if it is available.

Using the app is more convenient for many people across the world. This way they can watch favorite channels on their mobiles.

Still, from time to time there may appear different problems when app stops working properly, like YouTube won't load.